Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lice, Rice and a Monkey

Well, I have lice.  Don’t worry, I have lice shampoo, lice spray for the bed, lice combs and lots of girls to play with my hair and reinfect me.  This might be a never ending battle.

We eat a lot of rice.  Like I think I’ve had a couple pounds of rice in the last 5 days.  Lucky for me, I also have a jar of peanut butter (that I had to buy at a special store an hour away for $9) and yogart.  And vitamins.

We have a monkey.  I can’t believe that we have a monkey.  It’s a little guy that arrived 2 days ago.  You may know that having a wild animal in a little cage irritates me, but I’ve decided to look at it this way.  The girls that come here are loved and fed, but they sleep in a room with 25 girls, wear clothes that are bought in bulk and have very few items to call their own.  If having a monkey to play with makes this childhood better for some, then I guess I’m ok with it.  And since the monkey is here, I suppose we’ll have to be friends.

Yesteday, I served as a judge for a sort of talent show of skits put on by the Catechism classes.  I learned I was serving as a judge when I was handed the score sheet (the point categories, of course, were in Spanish) and was told to sit in the front of the crowd.  I’m not sure if you know this, but I really do not blend in here.  I was told yesterday by someone “I like walking with you.  Everyone just stares.”  Anyway, it worked out.  My fellow judge (a kind nun) explained the point sheet (also in Spanish) and I’m pretty sure I sort of did it right.  Some highlights from the talent show:  a motorcycle was driven around the cancha (a covered, outdoor gym) during the Prodigal Son skit; “We Are the Champions” was played when David beat Goliath; and the bread for the Last Supper was apparently a little difficult to break so Jesus got frustrated and punched it.

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