Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sort of getting into a routine

I’ve been here for two weeks.  I’ve gotten used to things such as livestock roaming freely in the road, instant milk for breakfast and boiled water.  Also, the Madres can hardly believe that my dad taught me how to make cheese cake.  I guess men don't really cook here.

I’ve taken on most of my responsibilities at this point.  I spend the morning in the jugueteria with the youngest kids (usually between 12 and 16 of them).  In the afternoon and evening, I open a library for the girls to do homework and read.  I also walk the kinder kids to and from school in the afternoon. 

Last week, Don Poncho (our driver and handyman) took me and two other girls outside of Montero to deliver clothes to the poor.  Our hogar receives lots of clothing donations.  So many that our girls are permitted to be picky.  The clothes that fit no one or that no one wants to wear are given to the poor.  We left the paved roads of Montero and entered the dusty outskirts of town.  There, the livestock is more prevalent.  We stopped along side the road in a community, Don Poncho called the people out of their homes, and we emptied bag after bag of clothes, which were well received.
We are in the dry season, so it is currently very dusty and smoky.  The farmers use fire to clear the fields after harvest.  Also, I hear the rainforest is on fire?  On a brighter note, the kid to the right (one of my favorites!) was adopted today!

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